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Kylan’s Pteradactyl Halloween Costume

3 Sep

My three grandkids are all going to be dinosaurs for Halloween this year.  My daughter thought it would be easy for me to make them using sweats as the base for the outfits.  The oldest, Kylan, wants to be a Pteradactyl, so my daughter sent me several Pinterest pictures to give me some ideas.  After looking over the pictures and sketching some ideas, here’s what I ended up making.

Kylans Pterodactyl Outfit

Luckily I had several yards of brown polyester fabric, boning, and felt pieces. I bought some “glow in the dark” ping pong balls (table tennis balls) for the eyes at Walmart.   And, yes, they do glow in the dark!   The face will be pinned on the top of his hood.  The wings will be sewn under the arms and along the sides, and the tail to the back of his sweat pants…the sweats are brown also. 

Katie and kids stopped by this morning to give me the sweats she bought for the kids.  Kylan really liked his outfit. I showed him how the eyes glowed in the dark and he smiled and thought it was cool. 

The last few things I need to do, per Kylan, is make the three fingers…gotta have those fingers, and something to go over his shoes as feet. 

Caden is going to be a Triceratops, with a big frill, horns, tail and spots.  Kinzley is going to have spikes running down her hood and back, and a tutu with a tail sticking out.  We’re not sure what kind of dinosaur she’ll be, but she’ll be a cute girly one! 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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