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My Stay Open Trick or Treat Bag

29 Aug

With Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to make my 21 month old grandchild, Caden, a trick or treat bag that would stay open so his treats could easily be dropped in it. 

Here’s how I made it. 


Measures 9” X 11 1/2”

Cut two 9 3/4” X 13” bag pieces

Cut two 2 1/2” X 14” handle pieces

One 19” piece of hard plastic or boning 1/2” wide


Fold both long sides of the handle to the center. Press, then fold in half, press and stitch sides close to the edge.


With right sides together, stitch sides and bottom 3/8”. Zigzag raw edges to finish. 

Make a top casing by folding the top edge under 1/4”, press and then fold under 3/4”. Pin in place along the bottom fold. 

Insert plastic/boning piece, overlap ends 1” and secure with tape. 

Stitch casing in place close to the bottom edge. 

Turn the bag right side out.

Fold both ends of the handles under about 3/4”.   Press. 

Pin the handle ends to the bag, below the casing, about 2 1/4” from each side.   Pin and stitch in place.

There you have it, a lightweight bag that stays open to receive all those Halloween goodies.

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