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Paper Lampshades and Votive Holder Covers

29 Aug

lampshade and candle holdersThese paper lampshades and votive covers can be made to coordinate with your home décor or as table decorations for any special occasion. I just love the way they soften the glow of the candles.

suppliesMaterials Needed

Glass Lampshade Template

8 1/2 X 11 (scrapbook, wrapping paper, printed digital paper)

Glass votive holders

Stemmed wine glasses

Tea lights, votives or flameless candles (safer around children)


Scoring tool

Double sided tape

Paper Lampshades

These shades measure 4” high. If your glasses are longer, try increasing the print size of the template.

Print or trace the template on the back of the paper

Cut out the template, form into a cone and secure with double sided tape.

To keep the tea light in place add some uncooked rice in the bottom of the wine glass and then slightly push the tea light into the rice.

Votive Holder Covers

votive candle coversI scored the back of my decorative paper every 1/4” and then cut long strips slightly wider than the height of the candle holders and accordion folded them.

I wrapped the strips around the holders, trimmed off the excess paper, and secured the ends together with double sided tape.

For a really easy cover, eliminate the scoring and folding and simply wrap the strips around the holders and secure with double sided tape.

Note: Do not leave the candles unattended! To be on the safe side, use flameless candles.



My Paper Christmas Wreaths

27 Nov

Wrapping Paper Christmas Wreath

My theme for Christmas this year is going to be “presents”, and this Christmas wreath made from double sided wrapping paper fits the theme perfectly!  I wish I could take credit for the design, but I can’t.  I found it at ribbonsandglue and just knew I had to make one.  

Here’s how I made my wrapping paper wreath:


Double sided wrapping paper (3 – 4 rolls, or however many designs you want)

Double stick tape

Glue gun

Cardboard (for a 12” circle)

Christmas bulbs

cut wrapping paper strips

Cut the wrapping paper into 6” wide strips.

Cut 6 x 6 and 4 x 6 cone pieces

From the strips of wrapping paper, you’ll need to cut 16 – 6” X 6” pieces and 16 – 4” X 6” pieces.  Depending upon how tight you make the cone bottoms, you may need more.  I made my bottoms open about a 1/2” rather than pointed.

Apply double stick tape roll into cone

Make cones from each piece.  I added a piece of double stick tape on a corner, rolled it into a cone, removed the backing and sealed it.  You can also use a hot glue gun, but I found this to be a lot easier.

make 6 inch circle and position cones

Cut a 12” cardboard circle.  I used one of the cake boards I had left from making my mini cupcake stand project. Draw a 6” circle in the center.   Arrange the 6” cones along the marked line and secure it to the cardboard with double stick tape or hot glue.

wreath is ready for the bulbs

Arrange and then tape or glue the 4” cones in between the 6” cones.

Glue various size Christmas bulbs in center

Hot glue a variety of Christmas bulbs in the center as desired.  You can get a canister of varied sized ornaments at Walmart at a reasonable price.

Punch hole in cardboard and add wire hanger

Determine where to apply a hanger, then punch a hole in the cardboard and add a wire hanger.  That’s it!  Now I can’t wait to hang it on my mantle for the holidays.   

wall paper wreath

Here’s one I made from some embossed wallpaper I had.  To give it the shimmer, I wiped the cones with  gold paint.  I filled the center with glittery poinsettias I cut from an unused centerpiece.

painted wall paper cones

Here’s a close up showing the painted and unpainted cones.

wreath over mantle

Here’s my wrapping paper wreath over my mantle…so blessed to have all these stockings to fill!

wallpapper wreath at night

Here’s the wallpaper wreath Christmas display.

These paper wreaths are really FUN to make.  They make wonderful gifts too.

KTs Christmas wreath

Here’s another wrapping paper one I made to give to my daughter to hang in her new home for Christmas.

I’m also making one for my Mother for a Christmas gift using scrapbook paper in colors to go with her decor. And instead of adding bulbs in the center I’m adding a multi-layered sign that says “MOM”. 

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